Motorhome IS Home


The free spirits of the sixties saw Volkswagen vans as rustic bare bones comfort on the road, but today’s trend is to pull up stakes and travel where you please in a well-equipped motorhome – with specialized motorhome insurance to ensure the journey is smooth, even when you face the unexpected.

More and more Americans are choosing to invest in fifth-wheeler travel trailers rather than brick and mortar homes. Today’s RV and campers boast all the amenities of a small house, apartment, or condo.

For the price of a small home in a moderate real estate market, baby boomers and younger generations are able to travel the highways and byways with one or two bedrooms, a comfortable bathroom with a shower, a living room, eat-in kitchen, and all the modern conveniences from microwave to big screen television.

Depending how much they want to invest in a motorhome, people have the opportunity to include extra comforts ranging from air conditioning, laundry appliances, and improved heating. Plus you never have to worry that you’ve forgotten to pack something for your trip!

Forget the days of the family car towing a pop-up tent trailer: it is common now to see massive RVs on the freeway towing small cars or SUVs behind them. Naturally, all these extra comforts are investments that require careful consideration when purchasing motorhome insurance.

The motorhome as a primary residence is a trend that is growing in popularity for many reasons. Some people choose this as a retirement lifestyle, enjoying the time to travel and explore the places they have always dreamed of visiting. For others, a home on wheels allows them the freedom to spend time with family and friends in different areas without sacrificing their independence and the comforts of home.

It is possible to use a motorhome as the family summer residence that goes wherever the holidays plans dictate, even crossing international borders.

Whatever the reasons, the benefit of the motorhome or RV lifestyle is never having to worry about being tied to one location, paying condo fees or maintenance rates, or shelling out hefty fees for accommodations while traveling.

When you secure motorhome insurance coverage through a specialized recreational insurance agency, you will have broader options than regular home or auto insurance. This is important if your motorhome is your primary residence as not all insurance companies will offer coverage unique to this lifestyle.

When your RV is your primary residence, you should consider coverage that will:

  • Adequately insure your motorhome for Agreed Value and Replacement Cost, be it Class A, B, or C, travel trailers, fifth wheels, towables, or pop-up campers
  • Insure your full-time use as a permanent residence
  • Offer expanded territory to cover anywhere you travel, including across international borders
  • Insure the vehicle and personal contents for vandalism, theft, and fire
  • Include coverage for accessories such as awnings, racks, trailers, and other custom equipment
  • Offer emergency travel coverage, for example, hotel and rental car costs if your motorhome breaks down

Work with Global Recreational Insurance to create a motorhome insurance policy that gives you optimal coverage at the most competitive rate. Contact our experienced recreational insurance specialists for a customized insurance quote.


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