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Is this summer your year to take the great American dream RV trip? Let us help you plan the perfect adventurefrom possible destinations to what to bring to RV insurance considerations.

Here are some ideas to consider as you start planning your summer trip in a motorhome:

First things first: Brainstorm the things you want to see on your journey. Do you want to visit friends, family members, specific landmarks and national parks? Write out all the possible stops that come to mind and then consider how you can group them or which are priority destinations.

Share the RV experience: Think about are any people who might want to join you on the road. Would you include grandchildren, for example, for a portion of the journey? Dear friends? Not everyone does, but depending on where you are in life, it could make an epic journey even more memorable. Imagine sharing some of your favorite experiences with your kids and grandkids, or a few oldest, dearest friends.

Budget wise: Before you start packing for the trip, take time to create a realistic budget based on your ideal itinerary. How much does it cost to fill the gas tank? Google maps directions, and other travel apps, let you estimate mileage, which will help you determine what your costs for gas might run. Remember to include realistic food costs, admission prices to national sites, spending money, and fees for parking the RV at campgrounds. Dont forget additional costs such as kennel fees for pets if applicable, housesitting while you are away, and of course an emergency fund in case something unexpected requires a little more in the budget.

camping kidsTrip routes: We live in a beautiful country! From coast to coast, the United States is an amazing adventure with diverse geography and a wealth of interesting things to see and do. Are you thinking of historic places like the Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, or the Statue of Liberty? Or are cultural icons like Disneyland, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon more your style? There are so many fantastic resources online for planning road trips. One of our favorites is this handy graphic of 11 Essential Road Trip Routes. Not only does it map out great trip ideas ranging from the Pacific Coast, The Loneliest Road, or the famous Appalachian or Oregon Trails, but it also highlights the must-see sites for each.

Be prepared: Before you hit the highway, have your RV insurance policy reviewed by a recreational insurance specialist. Many home and vehicle policies do not cover certain situations, for instance if your RV or motorhome is considered a primary residence during the summer. Ensure that you have emergency travel coverage, adequate out-of-state or country medical coverage, protection from theft or other mishaps for personal items, and comprehensive coverage. You are better off having proper RV insurance even if you dont end up needing it. If you dont have it, you will wish you did.

Share details: Make sure you leave a copy of your trip itinerary and RV insurance policy information with a trusted friend or relative so that someone knows where you expect to be and how to reach you in case of emergency and also so there is someone checking to ensure you have reached your destinations safely.

Pack smart: Bring enough so that you are comfortable, but not so much that you cant enjoy living in your RV or travel trailer. You will want clothing that is wash-and-wear to mix and match so it less seems like more. Bring some warmer clothes and rain gear just in case and dont forget swimsuits. Stock up on first aid supplies, medications (enough for the trip), and bring along emergency contact information.

Global Recreational Insurance has been providing specialized insurance for over 25 years. Contact our RV insurance specialists to review your existing insurance coverage and create a customized insurance quote for your summer RV road trip.

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